Domanda: Come Mettere La Musica In Euro Truck Simulator 2?

How do I add music to my euro truck?

To enjoy your music copy mp3 files to a catalog with save games located in Documents ( Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Music ). It is important to remember about all quotation marks or brackets. Streaming links can be found on the Internet.

How do you add a radio station in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

To do this:

  1. Load ETS2 or ATS at least once, and navigate to Radio -> Streaming -> Update From Internet.
  2. Open My DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2live_streams.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and add in new stations in the same format as the ones above.

Can you link Spotify to Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Simply open Documents, click „Euro Truck Simulator 2“ then “music”, press right mouse button and then select „New → Shortcut“. Now locate the folder or library with the music you want to add and click OK, then Next and Finish.

How do I remove ID3 tags from mp3 files?

If you wish to remove the current content of your ID3 tags, you can do so easily with Music Tag. Simply select the track, or tracks, that you wish to remove ID3 tags for, then right click them in the Music Tag file list. On the menu that appears, click the “Remove Tags” option.

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How do you use a CB Truckersmp?


  1. [,] – Used to change to a lower CB channel.
  2. [.]
  3. [Y] – Used to open the chat menu, use [ENTER] to send your message.
  4. [X] – Used to activate the CB Radio (voice chat), release to stop talking.
  5. [TAB] – Used to show the nearby players, report, settings and previous players.
  6. [F9] – Used to disable chat.

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